Omoi is a Cloud Ninja from the manga Naruto. One of the disciples of Killer Bee, Omoi is an extremely skilled swordsman, fighting with a long Katana which he infuses with Lightning. Along with Karui, he is a member of Samui's 3-man team.Omoi is very level headed, and likes to carefully think things through before making a decision. Typically he's shown with his hand on his chin, sucking on a lolipop with a thoughtful expression on his face. He has a habit of being unrealistically pessimist at times.His name is a pun on two homonyms of the word "Omoi". The first means 'thoughtful', reflecting his thoughtful manner. The second means 'heavy' contrasting with his team mate 'Karui' which means 'light'.For a live action, I'd cast Donald Faison.
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