The Museum of Time is a space where different modes of time (past, present, and future and any and all combinations therein and thereout), are bought forward or backward into the present through the preservation of energy in artifacts and through the persistence of memory in flesh and through blood.The Museum of Time is Every-when and No-when simultaneously, enacting all possible times in all possible permutations. While most museums are limited to the here/now/then/there, in The Museum of Time, there are interactions with varied modes/forms/theories/visions of time through music, art, story, fashion, and exchange of thoughts and ideas.Once you step inside the non-local capsule of The MoT, you become Master Traveler, Manipulator, Alchemist, God-Is, and/or Magician of Time, crafting it and displacing it however you see fit. The singular requirement is that you share your visions with the other Masters in the room.
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