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It's been a long time coming but amidst economic meltdowns, personal health issues, family tragedies and the everyday fight to stay the course working in the field I love most, the sequel to 'The Gray Man' is complete! Hard to believe I was halfway through writing the initial draft when family tragedy and my work in film & TV production took off at the same time back in 2006.I finished the first draft in 2010 despite everything happening (most of it bad!) I finally got the edits done last year and have been fighting tooth and nail to get the cover art done. After a (very) short break, it's off to the publisher and let the 'promotional games' begin!If all that weren't enough (obviously it isn't), I've got several projects ongoing including one which is a collaborative work with some authors well known (and loved) here at the BSFS! So while I'm getting the new season of 'The Priestess' ready to go this month, I'll be working on a new television extreme sports show and prepping to make another movie (way overdue for that!) In the meantime, ETP (estimated time of publishing) for 'Book of Dragon's Teeth' is late July or early August. For you fans of TFLR, you have my sincerest apologies for the long wait!
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