Biscuit Oliva

Biscuit Oliva is a recurring character from the long running fighting manga Grappler Baki by Keisuke Itagaki. Oliva makes his first appearance in the 2nd series Baki: In Search of Our Strongest Hero.The manga revolves around Baki Hanma, a young mixed martial artist who's goal is to become the strongest martial artist in the world. During the process he encounters various martial artists with superhuman strength and constitution, some becoming friends, some becoming foes, and some switching back and forth. Baki's ultimate goal is to defeat his father Yujiro Hanma. Yujiro Hanma "The Ogre" is by far the dangerous person on earth, sometimes being hired by the U.S. government for special assasination missions.Biscuit Oliva, known both as "Dark Arrow" and "The Unchained" is another extremely powerful person, hired regularly by the U.S. Government to carry out assassinations. He does not officially work for the government, instead he is officially a criminal who happens to "escape" in order to carry out these various mission. His jail "cell" in the prison, looks more like a mansion with every possible amenity. He is one of the few people who seems to get along with Yujiro least as much as that's possible. He is highly adept at tracking people down.Considered the strongest man in the world, Oliva does not have a formal fighting style. He simply overpowers his opponents with an overwhelming difference in strength. Typical feats of strength for Oliva are bending iron bars effortlessly, withstanding shotgun blasts, then squeezing the bullets out by flexing. As an exercise, Oliva drags down a Chinook helicopter from the air with a chain.Oliva is a very intelligent and cultured individual who addresses people politely. After his fights are over, he doesn't bare ill-will towards his opponents, win or lose. He tends to have a preference towards fine wines and other forms of decadence. He is based off of three time Mr. Olympia, Sergio Oliva, the only guy to ever beat Arnold Scharzenegger.In a live action Grappler Baki, I'd pick Bobby Lashley to play him.
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