Brother None

This is Brother None.Not much is known about the man known as Brother None but many in the global intelligence community believe that he used to be Prof. Shallum Chowdry; a long missing Pakistani scientist and pioneer in the field of robotics and biomechanical integration. If Chowdry is indeed revealed to be Brother None then the circumstances of his transformation must be terrible indeed.Prof. Chowdry became well known in the scientific community some 20 years ago when his team at MIT spearheaded the design and creation of fully functioning robotic prostheses for children who had lost limbs from mine explosions and brutal amputations in war zones all over the world. A devout Catholic, he was also a very vocal activist who spoke against the persecution of Christians in his native Pakistan. This led to at least one unsuccessful attack on his life.Later, Chowdry worked alongside Moses Desalines (who would go on to become Kraken) to design the A.S.S.E.G.A.I. armor (South Africa’s cadre of piloted anti-superhuman mobile weapons platforms). The two clashed many times during the duration of the project and would never speak again after its completion.It was around this time that Chowdry’s village in Pakistan was attacked by fanatical jihadists and his parents, siblings and visiting fiancé killed. The grief stricken Chowdry suffered a mental break and retreated into his faith; joining a band of wandering monks. The band of monks disappeared soon after Chowdry joined them, somewhere in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan.A year later Prof. Chowdry (now going by the name Brother of None) was spotted by a U.S. Navy SEAL team. He was part of a convoy led by Royce taking equipment and blindfolded captives to an unknown location. The SEAL team was attacked by a phalanx of mobile robotic sentries and forced to give up pursuit. However four months later, acting on intelligence provided by terrified Afghan warlords, a hidden location was attacked using UAV Predator drones. Investigation of the site revealed evidence of a state of the art robotics facility and many surgical operating rooms. Human remains found at the site led global intelligence to believe that Prof. Shallum Chowdry had been killed in the attack.However, rumors swirled that the creature known as Brother None was still alive ... and very, very different.Years later, after the events surrounding Leon Rodney taking possession of the last T’Adari battlestaff, a young gang leader from Brooklyn sustained major injuries in an explosion. Alice and Royce took her to Brother None, who saved her life and remade her as the cybernetic engine of destruction known as Crater.Powers and abilities:Brother None appears to be a robe clad human but those robes hide a network of possibly thousands of metallic tentacles of varying size, length, tensile strength and purpose; all controlled by the mind of Brother None. While Brother None appears to have human features (head, face, arms and hands), these features seem to be laid over metal and intelligence sources agree that there may not be much “human” under the robes. None’s tentacles contain various tools at their ends and while some tools suggest a surgical purpose, many tentacles possess an array of weapons such as claws, blades, cutting lasers and grenades. Brother None’s tentacles are also strong and numerous enough to enable him to lift and throw a small car.Brother None is an expert in advanced robotics and biomechanical integration.
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