Darui is a Ninja from Hidden Cloud village in the manga Naruto. A very powerful Jounin, Darui is the right hand man of the 4th Raikage, and appointed to the position of commander in the Allied Shinobi Forces.Darui has a very laid back demeanor often referring to things as being "dull". In Japanese Darui actually means "lazy" and "dull" which refers to his languorous manner of speech. Despite his name Darui is not lazy; he tends to be quick to both think and act.Darui is easily one of the Hidden Cloud Village's strongest Ninja. He is a master swordsman, easily outclassing other Shinobi, and was personally trained by the 3rd Raikage to inherit his Black Lightning techniques. In addition to possessing high levels of chakra, Darui also possess a Bloodline Limit allowing him to combine both lighting element and water element together. These talents along with his decisiveness and insight make him a highly formidable opponent.For a live action, I'd cast Michael Ealy.
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