Jeena Malso

Jeena is one of the main characters in the 3 part OAV series AD Police Files. AD Police Files is a gritty prequel/spin-off to the classic animé Bubblegum Crisis. Bubblegum Crisis is largely inspired by Blade Runner. As far as Cyber-Punk goes, AD Police is very well done, but not for the feint of heart.In the year 2027, highly advanced androids called "Boomers" are employed in everyday tasks. Sometimes these Boomers inexplicable go on violent rampages, and are involved in various crimes. These incidents have become so frequent that a special Police Force called the Advanced Defense Police have been established purely for the purpose of dealing with Boomer related crimes.Inspector Jeena Malso is a veteran of the AD Police, and the partner of the rookie Leon McNichol. Jeena is highly insightful, gruff, and a crack shot who is very proficient with heavy fire arms. Her right arm is actually a cybernetic prosthetic, and because it's linked directly with her nervous system she harbors a fear that it could take over her body. The idea of being a complete cyborg terrifies her, thus she shows considerable concern for her ex-boyfriend Billy who is virtually a Boomer(think RoboCop). Jeena is the one of the earliest Black female characters to play an integral role in an animé.For a live action, I'd cast Garcelle Beauvais.
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