Killer Bee

Killer Bee is an S-Class(highest rank) Ninja from the manga Naruto. Killer Bee is the jinchuuriki or host for the 8 tailed Ox (an extremely powerful demon) which he has full control over. Using the demon's power, his job is to protect his village. He helps the protagonist Naruto, learn how to control his respective demon, the Nine Tailed Fox.Killer Bee is a master swordman and an extremely skilled Shinobi, able to wield seven blades at once. Killer Bee has a lot of faith in his friends, is stubborn, and very loyal. He will go to great lengths for the sake of his friends. He's the mentor of a team of Jounin in his village, and a very well admired person in his village.He's also a terrible rapper(no flow, shallow metaphors), and he raps, or rather rhymes rather constantly, much to the annoyance of many.The tradition within the Hidden Cloud village is that the leader dubbed "A" must have a fighter supporting them of equal ability dubbed "B", thus forming the Hidden Cloud's notorious "A-B" combination. "B" was the only one with comparable strength to "A" despite being much younger when he was selected.Though they are not related biologically "A" and Killer Bee share a strong bond, and regard each others as brothers.Killer Bee is modeled after the Tekken character Raven; his costume bears a strong resemblance to Raven's, as does the blonde hair and cornrows. Raven, interestingly enough, is modeled after Wesley Snipes, being a fusion of the "Blade" and "Simon Phoenix" characters Snipes portrayed.I'd cast Terry Crews for a live action version.
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