This is Kraken.Moses Dessalines is arguably the smartest man in the world, having accumulated numerous Phds in the disciplines of Mathematics; Particle, Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics; Engineering and Computer Science before he turned 14. By the age of 15 he formed his company DesTech and was a multimillionaire by his 17th birthday. He became a world wide celebrity and one of the world's most eligible bachelors.While working on a device meant to prove the existence of parallel universes, Moses was attacked by mercenaries hired by business rival, Donald Nagar. During the attack he was pushed into a rip in existence created by his damaged machine and found himself in the space between universes. There, a chance collision with a creature indigenous to the "space", resulted in complete cellular fusion with the beast, allowing him to survive.Eventually finding his way back to the rip, Moses made his way back to Earth, where months had passed and he was believed dead. While hunting Nagar, he was discovered by the papparazzi and dubbed "the Kraken" by an entertainment news show. Strangely enough this made him more popular than ever and he soon found himself on the cover of just about every magazine and periodical.John Henry paid him a visit and he is now T.A.S.K's special science consultant.
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