Makeda the Warrior Woman of Ethiopia

Real Name: MakedaOccupation: Warrior, AdventurerIdentity: Not known to the general publicLegal Status: Former citizen of the Kingdom of Aksum, Phoenicia, Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, Kush, Nubia, Rome, Wagadu, Mali, the Oyo Empire, the Benin Empire, the Gupta Empire, Ancient China (various dynasties), feudal Japan, various caliphates, honorary citizen of the Galactic Sarai ProtectorateAliases: The Queen of Sheba, the Goddess of War, Lady Red Blade, Red Lioness, the She-Wolf, the Red FangPlace of Birth: Semien Mountains of EthiopiaKnown relatives: Ejigu (father), Teru (mother)Group Affiliation: Galactic Sarai Protectorate, The First World, T.A.S.K.Origin: Around 980 BC, Ejigu, legendary warrior and commander of the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Aksum, resigned his post. His wife Teru, was about to give birth and it was his intention to relocate his family to his ancestral home, a small village in the Semien Mountains. Soon after they arrived at their destination Teru gave birth to a baby girl who they named Makeda.Makeda was an adventurous child and grew to know every inch of her mountainous home. Sensing her nature, Ejigu helped her avoid her chores so she could travel with him and watch him train. Watching soon became training and Makeda learned the ways of combat from a master. By the time she was a teenager, she could best any boy in the village (and most of the adult males) using the spear, bow or in close combat. She was her father's child in every way.One night around Makeda's 18th year, the sky filled with strange lights and the village was attacked by strange insect/human hybrid creatures wielding weapons that fired beams of light that burned anything they touched. Ejigu and Makeda managed to outrun the attackers but Teru fell to one of the beams. The former King's guard and his daughter escaped into the forest and realized that they were the only survivors of the attack. Soon Ejigu discovered that they were being followed -- hunted. A deadly game of cat and mouse followed. Three of the insect creatures stalked and attacked Makeda and her father day and night while the two survivors used knowledge of their mountain home's terrain to stay ahead of their otherworldly pursuers. After a time Ejigu and Makeda began to employ guerilla tactics against their attackers; setting up ambushes and traps in their wake. While most of their attacks bounced harmlessly off the creatures' armor, they managed to detect weak points in the creatures' defense. On the fourth day they managed to crush one of the creatures in a rockslide trap but Ejigu was badly burned while making his escape with one of the fallen hunter's blades.In a desperate gambit the humans managed to separate the remaining two creatures and engaged one of them in combat. Ejigu sacrificed himself so that Makeda could gut the creature with its comrade's blade. While Makeda knelt grieving her father she was found by another visitor to our world; Epion.Epion was a member of the Sarai -- a cyclopean eyed, grey skinned humanoid alien race. Visibly impressed with the girl's feat, Epion communicated with her telepathically. He informed her that he was an enemy of the creature she had killed and that he and it had come from beyond the stars. The attack on her village and the hunt of Makeda and her father was part of a coming of age ritual for the creatures called the Kaz'nagoh, a way for the males of that species to prove their worth. Makeda learned that the Sarai were once the victims of these rituals until they became too powerful to be preyed upon. The Sarai now protected others and Epion offered Makeda his help to hunt and kill the final Kaz'nagoh.Epion took the pieces of the armor from the dead Kaz'nagoh and fashioned a Sarai-styled weapon for Makeda; a wrist-housed axe which he named "Blood Sister." While she slept he implanted knowledge of Sarai combat techniques in her mind. The next morning they hunted the last Kaz'nagoh which Makeda struck down. F
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