Monsters 101, Book Eight: "Little Boy King"

It’s Not Easy Being the Monster King! - No longer the avatar of Irylor the First King, and stripped of his powers, the king of the monsters is now a mere human child. Although he insists on still being called “Pugroff,” and continues to wield the magic axe Dragon’s Fang, it is clear that both the little boy king and his loyal monster crew are way over their heads in attempting to defend the Nasheran throne from the immensely powerful tenth generation super monsters who are constantly challenging for it. Realizing that only a potent magic user can restore his former might, the king decides to make a deal with the devil and summons the dragon Azoratain and convinces him to return his power in exchange for his heart’s desire… Dragon’s Fang itself! Meanwhile Mort’s quest to find a mentor continues, although his decision to enlist the aid of the strange unseen entities may not be the wisest of choices.____________Graphic novel6.14” x 9.21”Perfect binding150 pages, b&w
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