Monsters 101, Book Ten: "Class Dismissed"

The Only Way for School to End! - The real King Pugroff is back with all of his powers intact… and a little something extra. As a true Nasheran monster (with all that may imply!) the king has made a total commitment to his adopted people, and will not only vehemently defend the throne, but also Nasheran honor. Inviting all the monarchs, leaders, and sovereign representatives of the world to a banquet of sparkly goodies, he proclaims that he shall consider any disrespect toward the monster race an open act of war! Meanwhile a crushed Mort, having been told he can no longer hang out at Castle Nashera, has a brutal confrontation with an angry Cliff, the stubborn African Architects, a Principal Smith who is once again ready to return to a life of high adventure, and an eerie group of the unseen who are savagely determined to make the boy magician follow their frighteningly alien way of life at the ultimate cost!____________Graphic novel6.14” x 9.21”Perfect binding150 pages, b&w
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