Monsters 101, Book One: "From Bully to Monster"

The One That Started It All! - Composed of six, 22 page chapters, this first, ultra-violent segment of the graphic novel series establishes school bully Willy Pugg as the baddest kid in Tanglewood Middle School. Stalking the halls like a psychopathic prison warden, the Pugg, as he is called by his victims, is pretty much unstoppable, until three, giant, foul-smelling monsters make his acquaintance. Agreeing to a horrifying deal with the creatures that dramatically changes the tone of the book, the adventure speeds along at a roller-coaster pace. Don’t let the cartoony art and friendly-sounding title fool you. In the tradition of It by Stephen King, or the television show South Park, even though it stars kids as the protagonists, it doesn’t mean it’s a kiddie read!____________Graphic novel6.14” x 9.21”Perfect binding150 pages, b&w
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