Monsters 101, Book Seven: "Eye in the Sky"

Despair! for the End Is Nigh! - Way back in Book Two, the devil High Magician Pherlyren told Mort that in order to achieve his heart’s desire, he must find an earth magician mentor. The sorcerer pointed him in the direction of the Golden Order of the Encircled Serpent, whose members are the best of the best of all Shemesu Heru third eye practitioners. In this book Mort has finally found one… just in time for the end of the world! The mysterious circumstances as to how exactly Pugroff gained his power are revealed, and it turns out he is the avatar of an all-powerful demonic force determined to take over the universe. When the mighty Seventh Unicorn also shows up to help subdue the possessed Pugroff, Mort’s dimension hopping skills are put to good use as the three heroes have no other choice but to confront the horror on its own turf!____________Graphic novel6.14” x 9.21”Perfect binding150 pages, b&w
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