This is Oba.The man who would come to be known as Oba (birth name Apara) was born over 7,000 years ago in what is now called West Africa. His people's village was situated near the citadel of the House of Olodumare; one of a number of clans of vastly superior extra-dimensional beings that had come to Earth thousands of years earlier and would go on to be worshipped as deities. The members of the House of Olodumare had become quite adept at the manipulation and use of certain esoteric energies that would go on to be called/known as "magical" or "mystical," in their centuries of defending Earth from "magical" creatures.Apara was born soon after his father, Akinsola, bravely approached and communicated with members of House Olodumare. Thus Akinsola gained favor with the "gods" and was entrusted as their first emissary. Apara was a sickly child but the "gods" sensed that he possessed great natural attunement to and incredible potential for "magic" and decided to instruct him in the use of his gifts. For 18 years he studies at the feet of the gods, alongside many of their own children. Anansi (the Spider God), was one of his classmates and he resented the human's presence and ability. Anansi would find ways to hurt the human when no one was looking.Eventually Apara became as adept as any lower member of the House and earned great renown among his people as a healer. Still he desired to be more. He chaffed at his father's tireless devotion to the gods as he felt they could be much better guides to man than they had been. He'd been privy to the secrets of the citadel and knew of the incredible advancements in science; the science his people took for magic. He believed mankind ready to share these advancements.Thousands of years prior, the gods fought and banished many malevolent magical creatures to the dark places of the Earth. One such creature was attacking children in a nearby village and Apara informed his father of his intention to vanquish the creature and they argued. Against his father's wishes Apara travelled to the nearby village and Akinsola, fearful for his son's safety, followed in secret. Akinsola witnessed his son battle against the creature; a creature more powerful than Apara had estimated, and while Apara won in the end, both he and his father were struck down and near death. Akinsola cried out to the gods.Olodumare, Olorun and Olofi, the three supreme manifestations of the will of House Olodumare answered Akinsola's cries but found he was too gravely injured to aid. Ever the devoted servant, Akinsola pleaded with the gods to save his son's life and with his son to take his place as emissary and then breathed his last. Apara agreed to become the new emissary and Olodumare, Olorun and Olofi breathed new life into him, (imparting portions of their life force, their energy) greatly increasing his strength, lifespan and magical abilities and gave him a new name; Oba Amutorunwa.As Oba he became not only the emissary to the gods but also one of their most powerful warriors. He was specifically tasked with protecting the House of Olodumare and mankind from mystical threats and tales were told of his encounters with terrible creatures and battles with demonic hordes. When the Kao War erupted across the world, he served with great distinction. His actions saved many lives and he was singlehandedly responsible for the defeat of Kao's lieutenants; Anansi, Agurzil and the fearsome Yamata-no-Orochi. During the war he and Shango argued many times about strategy and they stopped speaking. Oba's vast magical abilities were instrumental in the effort to banish Kao from this reality, [REDACTED].Around the 1300's he disappeared as the members of House of Olodumare were imprisoned in pocket dimensions during a takeover led by Eshu and (a freed) Anansi. The Spider God, who always detested Oba, hid his longtime rival's body in a deep cavern and would visit it once a year to feed off its energy. When the House of Olodumare
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