ObeliskSgt. Gabriella Estrella’s father was a good cop in a Mexican police district rife with drugs and corruption. Eventually his staunch devotion to law and order ended in tragedy and Gabriella witnessed her entire family’s execution at the hands of drug cartel enforcers at the tender age of eight.Gabriella would follow her father’s footsteps into law enforcement and would go on to be aFederale (a member of the Mexican Federal Police). When faced by overwhelming corruption within that organization, she joined the Mexican Armed Forces and became a member of the Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Airmobile Group). After disobeying a direct order and leading her unit past her nation’s border in pursuit of a cartel leader, she was reassigned to T.A.S.K.’s International Joint Security Operations Group; a group comprised of military and law enforcement personnel from all over the world, and was part of an expeditionary force sent to the moon to investigate an energy anomaly. The anomaly turned out to be an inter-dimensional breach that spewed forth an invading force of creatures (the now infamous Foretold Lunar Incursion). Sgt. Estrella fought bravely but was bitten by one of the creatures. While on the shuttle back to Earth Gabriela began to exhibit physical changes; her size and density dramatically increased (she went from 5’8 to 6’9 in minutes) and her body took on a dark crystalline composition.Sgt. Estrella is now entirely composed of extremely dense, obsidian like material which grants her superhuman strength and durability. Going by the codename Obelisk, she is not only a member of T.A.S.K., but the Mexican military’s greatest weapon in its ongoing war against the drug cartels and their newest threat….superhuman enforcers.
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