After Tease is abducted by an unknown organization, her face, name, and very identity are eradicated. They trained her to be a better assassin.She becomes Sphinx--she’s fouled mouth, hot tempered and deadly.Her first mission as Sphinx is to travel to a remote tropical island posing as a scientist to get close to Viceroy, a ruthless drug lord. Her goal is to entice him and to discover all she can about Grandeur, a new, incredibly addictive drug. Standing in her way is Boss (The Devil) Jacobs, Viceroy’s adviser and security chief. He is immediately suspicious of Sphinx and does everything in his powerful to find out if she is who she claims to be.With little patience for the spy game or taking orders, it’s only a matter of time before Sphinx falls back on the psychotic ways of her former self. And when that happens--all hell will break loose.
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