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TERROR ON TELDERANSYNOPSIS: In 1990,After breaking away from the Planetary Alliance the planet Otar finds it’s self on the brink of ruin. In a desperate move their leader Rotart makes a foolish attempt to terra form the planet Telderan so that he may claim it and relocate the Otarian race. Ancient oracles have been warning Alliance leaders for years that such an attempt would be made and that it would have catastrophic results for planet Earth billions of miles away. Rayna, High Ruler of the Southern Quadrant of Lazon and J’lore Chief Council of Earth’s Guardians have been lifelong friends. Although Earth Guardians are consider outlaws by the government Rayna sympathizes with their cause to save the human race. Earth’s Guardians is also aware of the impending disaster for earth but Rayna confirms it. Taz, son of the ruthless dictator of Otar is dispatched to clear Telderan of the handful of inhabitants so that the terra forming process can began. His harsh and heavy handed ways do not go down well with the settlers and his fathers confrontation with leaders of the Planetary Alliance does not fair any better. Only time will tell if the Planetary Alliance’s oracles were right.http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/9290http://amzn.to/1NfDigr
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