The Dae

These two characters are from a five book series that I am working on right now!Here is some background on this two characters:Dr. Justice Lucas is a world-renowned geneticist, avid runner, and health enthusiast turned cheetah-shifter by a powerful dark coven called the Cornerstone. His new bride, Jacqueline Dumont-Lucas, was accidentally killed during his first shift. Although angry at the loss of his wife, he has turned away from revenge and found refuge with a small group of scientists searching for a cure to shifting. He is now known to those closest to him as Felidae.Dr. Persia Villemont is a self-proclaimed nerd, animal lover and former world-class gymnast. With dual degrees in chemistry and veterinary medicine, her life took a turn when the Cornerstone transformed her into a fox-shifter. Dr. Villemont, is uniquely suited to lead the small group of scientists. Despite the advances that she has led in finding a cure, she blames herself for having created SCIV, a disease that is sterilizing and killing humans. Secretly in love with Dr. Lucas, she now goes by the name Canidae.I was blessed to have been able to collaborate with artist R. Nailon on these images.Peace & Blessings,D. Lee
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