Loyalty is something we all strive for and want from others. Its a big word that carries a lot of weight with it. This place this website this society is where it will begin. Jarvis challenged me so i am answering that call and let see what happens when you are all challenged as well. You see we need each others help not later now! Lets put something to the test lets see what would happen if we all supported each other in our endeavors. Share the knowledge we have with each other to make the whole successful I dare you. We have to build trust in each other and not burn each other that would be too easy. Everyone brings something different to the table that's for sure. I see many groups and forums on here let it be the base to helping each other with coming up together. Just imagine the great writers on here teaming up with the great artists on here to make an awesome book come to life. Now go a step further and team up with the awesome animators and make a great new show together? Share the recognition share the fame You know who you are in each place lets help each out now, not halfway but give it your all alliances could bring out great things in each of us.....I DARE YOU TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! 

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