Ancient Illumination Graphic Novel Volume 1!

Ancient Illumination Graphic Novel Volume 1!

Hello science fiction and fantasy fans! The graphic novel for Ancient Illumionation Volume 1 Remembrance and Revolt written by Rod Van Blake, Illustrated by Jordan P. Jackson is available on Kindle and ComiXology digitally right now! All three novels are available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For individual books you can go to those vendors but for signed copies of all three plsu some extra art look for the instructions on my author web site forAncient Illumination. If you enjoy space opera, first contact, military scifi or like genres I emplore you to check my stuff out. It's based on beings made of pure light coming to Earth during the days of Cro-Magnon and one gets exiled here forced to enlighten the inhabitants. Mutations happen as a result of the alien experimenting and he watches us all have various confilcts over our differences. It's a what if scenario I expanded on. I loved reading Star Wars stories but knew that since I did not own it I could never really control where the story went and therefore decided to create my own saga with my perspectives in mind. In the [ast while at various conventions some would tell me they liked the idea but didn't want to read literary works so we eventually found an artist to illustrate for me. I will be doing a kickstarter for the physical version so we can produce more copies and to start production of volume 2! We need to keep our stories going! This graphic novel is 56 full color pages based on the novels and yet a different experience from them. The kickstarter will launch in September and we are trying to build as much momentum as possible heading towards that time. The first tier will be for a character print, the second is for a 11X17 print of a scene from the books, third is for the physical copy of the graphic novel itself and lastly the final tier will be for the signed graphic novel and a military challenge coin. All my veterans will know what I am talking about. Peace, Love and light to you all!

Link to kickstarter coming soon

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