Anyone See the Grinch's Comet?

The past weekend something spectacular supposedly had appeared in the skies above planet earth.Astronomers and the folks at NASA had charted out on December 16, a greenish, blobs like comet could be seen making a close approach to earth on December 16.The comet supposedly moves closer to earth a trifle closer than the Moon, so close the greenish comet on that night could be seen with the naked eye. The particular,greenish comet is known as tube "Wirtanen,"one,and on December 16 any persons wanting to view tube comet, there were watch gatherings set up in different areas of America to view, the flashing green comet. Now,in The as the weather is mild in during the days and a smidgen cooler at night,but where I live there are lights too numerous makes the viewing of the green comet not too clear. However,in case some of us other folks on planet earth missed, "the Grinch's comet,"well according to NASA, the Wirtanen,the true name of the comet will not make another flashy,green show until another twenty years,and the Grinch would be possibly nearing the age of say 90 years old?
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