Best Markets for Sci Fi Writers

While cruising the Web the other day, I found a list of possible markets for sci-fi and spec writers. Info includes payment terms and other resources, but the most important items are links to stories that are being published.Why is this important?In order to compete in any marketplace, you must study from the people who are successfully selling. So, my advice is to review and evaluate the stories that are winning awards and paychecks and utilize some of the techniques and styles employed by those writers because that is what editors currently want. Also, to become a better writer, be a better reader.'Nuff said.Check out the web page at: list includes the following publications.Markets paying at least 3 cents per words* Abyss & Apex (webzine)* AEon Speculative Fiction (webzine)* Analog* Argosy* Asimov's Science Fiction* Black Gate* Black Static (UK magazine)* ByLine (mainstream, literary, and genre fiction)* Cemetery Dance* Chiaroscuro (webzine)* Dark Seasons (webzine)* Fantasy & Science Fiction* Flesh and Blood* Gobshite Quarterly* (webzine)* Horror Fiction Magazine* Interzone (UK magazine)* The Night Land (website seeking fiction set in William Hope Hodgson's world)* Nowa Fantastyka (Polish magazine)* Oceans of the Mind (PDF-format magazine)* Palace of Reason (webzine)* Paradox* Polyphony* Realms of Fantasy* Strange Horizons (webzine)* The Urbanite* Weird Tales* Wrong World (stories on DVD)Markets paying at least 1 cent per word* AlienQ Magazine (webzine)* All Possible Worlds* Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Australian)* Aurealis (Australian magazine)* Back Brain Recluse (UK magazine)* Blue Blood* Dreams & Visions: New Frontiers in Christian Fiction* The Edge (UK magazine)* Elysian Fiction (webzine)* Flashing Swords (webzine)* Fortean Bureau (webzine)* Leading Edge* NFG (Canadian magazine)* On Spec (Canadian magazine)* Runes* The Silver Web* Spacesuits and Sixguns* Space Westerns (webzine)* Talebones* Tales of the Unanticipated* Would That It Were (webzine)Markets paying less than 1 cent per word* Afterburn SF (webzine)* Albedo One (Irish magazine)* Amazing Journeys Magazine* Anotherealm (webzine)* AntiMuse (webzine)* Atomjack (webzine)* Cats With Wings* Challenging Destiny* Daikaijuzine* The Deepening (webzine)* Delirium Magazine* The Earwig Flesh Factory (no payment for short-shorts)* Every Day Fiction (online short-short market)* Far Sector SFFH (webzine)* Fiction Inferno (web magazine)* Hadrosaur Tales* Halcyon* Ideomancer (e-zine)* Killer Tales* Lone Star Stories (webzine)* Mount Zion* Murky Depths* Nanobison (webzine)* Neverary (webzine)* Neverworlds (webzine)* Nuketown (webzine)* OG's Speculative Fiction (webzine)* Permutations: The Journal of Unsettling Fiction* Planet Relish (webzine)* Quantum Muse (webzine)* Reality Complex* Rogue Worlds (webzine)* (web market and review site)* (web market)* Sybil's Garage* The Sword Review (webzine)* Three-lobed Burning Eye (webzine)* Walking Bones (webzine)Other SF/F/H Publications/Organizations* Gila Queen's Guide to Markets (covers other genres as well)* HWA (Horror Writers Association)* Locus* The New York Review of Science Fiction* SciFan (science fiction books & links)* SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Association)* SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America)* Tangent Online (reviews short SF/F/H fiction)
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