It's been a while so i think is should start out with this.

Next year, in addition to what we all expect to be the miraculous and life-changing BLACK PANTHER feature film, there will also be a new version of the Marvel animated AVENGERS series, featuring Black Panther as well.

When I say "feature" I really mean "focus on" because this next season is so much about Black Panther that they retitled the show to make it clear.

For four seasons the show was called MARVEL'S AVENGERS: ASSEMBLE. NEXT season it will be called MARVEL'S AVENGERS: BLACK PANTHER'S QUEST.

I'm mentioning it here for two reasons.

1) Folks around here need to watch the hell out of this show. It's a totally different vibe than what's gone before on these TV series.

2) The reason I know this is because I'm the head writer. I'm not legally allowed to say anything more than this at this time.

Working for Marvel is like working for the CIA. But I thought I'd drop some info now so you guys can get prepped. By "prepped" I mean "Buckle up."

Here's some of the redesigned characters from the show.

That's it for now. come find me at GAME OF THORNES on twitter if you want to stay up on it or, just watch this space.

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  • Trump supporters tend to be the major share holders in the mainstream so attention and money that flows there ultimately is used to full their culture war machines and attacks on Spaceship Earth. The Black community is still awash in crime as culture and violence that destroys families on the daily. Dedicated indie Black owned publishers & producers are routinely overlooked with the profits going to those same shareholders. Then come the enterprises from Japan. Who happily take your money then insist on keeping it. I bet on real Black. Owned and controlled by Blacks. I appreciate your post. The so called life changing impact of this product, but in my youth I ran with the real Black Panther Party in Chicago. Late 1960s. "Indie today" Black Age Forever!"
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