Bloodshot interview with Winston Blakely

Hello, Everybody. I recently did an interview for an website that featured one of the classic Valiant ComicCharacters, Bloodshot. I would like to share this with my fellow Black Sci-Fi fans. and paste the above link in a new tab in your browser.Since, I joined this site, I've met some interesting people that I hope I will be working with on futureprojects. All of us creative people need an outlet to promote and share our dreams and hopes.I see this site as a way of networking and being aware that we are not alone. We may not all worktogether collectively, but we are pushing to have images that look like us, be made aware of toour people, children and whoever else is interested in know that we can do things without seekingjobs in companies that don't see us as cash cows or tell us that would never sell.How do they know what sells... if They don't give it a chance.Regardless of that let us enjoy the camaraderie that is located here...And I hope that your Christmas was cool and have a safe and Happy New Year !!

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