Today, I would like to announce before the Black Science-Fiction Society that my new alternate-history novella, Carthage Atlantica, is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store!

It is 200 BC, and the North African civilization of Carthage is recovering from a brutal war against the Roman Republic. Searching for new lands to colonize so they can rebuild their wealth, the Carthaginians send a fleet across the Atlantic Ocean that lands on the shore of North America, which they call “Atlantis”. As they struggle to adapt to this new world, the Carthaginian settlers find themselves drawn into a conflict between Native American nations, a conflict the colonists’ own leadership is willing to aggravate in the name of their personal ambitions. Can the colony of Carthage Atlantica survive in this account of alternate history?

You can read a couple of excerpted chapters from the novel here on my official writing blog to get a taste before you buy!

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