Dealing In Legal Black-Money

Black lives will matter when Blacks deal more in legal Black-Money practices!

According to the Fed, Blacks now spend over 1.5 Trillion dollars on goods and services beyond housing, meds  and food.

the new tax law-bill will ad about 1.5 Trillion to the national debt profile of the USA.  Dealing in legal Black-Money would make a tremendous positive improvement in the financial, social, and cultural situation of Black Americans along with Blacks globally.

But currently most Blacks seems to prefer to not deal in legal Black-Money thus preferring to spend over 100% of its legal money with operations that are not Black owned or controlled, nor interested in investing in the Black community.  So these millions of profit dollars go to penthouses in Tokyo or New York, estates in California or China and banks in Palenstine, leaving financial blight, crime and destruction into much of the Black Community.

10 to 20% improvement in this would circulate how much real legal cash in the  Black Community.  Millions! Thats dealing in legal Black-Money.

Question:  Is your Sci-Fi stash 10 to 20% Black owned?

Are your graphic novels and comic book collections 10 to 20% Black Owned titles and products?

Does the mainstream recycle 10 to 20% of its profits in the Black Community?

For those of you who say its hard to deal in legal Black-Money....take a closer look at the impact and growth rate of Black poverty!  That is a much harder life!  Crime! Death! Violence! Poor Health! Poor housing!  Hmmmmm oh yeah....hopelessness!

 Please take a few minutes to think about the merits of 10 to 20% dealing in legal Black-Money!

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