Excerpt- Vacuum Draft Flows Part I

Although the following novella excerpt is in a separate universe from DARK EDGE, I've still been considering publishing within the next few months once the design portion of DARK EDGE has slowed down.

Excerpt- Vacuum Draft Flows Part I


                Green means go and the seconds in between become an infinite and hopeless abyss. The abyss consumed the fears, hopes and dreams of all who found themselves in its presence. Regret, that so many things have been left undone and too many things left unsaid. Pain, that there are no more opportunities and this is the absolute end of all things. Finally, bliss once a man or woman can sweat pure adrenaline and testosterone fuels superhuman strength and senses. Human eyes adjust to slits, brows are frowned, teeth are grit and ground into dust, fingers tremble to crush metal held by throbbing palms, muscles twitch and spasm begging for immediate use. Death is but a weak ghost afraid to take the souls due to him, souls so powerful in this moment that even the reaper couldn’t pull them into the abyss before they willingly conceded to perish.

“Fuck Death” whispered Celia.     "

Want to know more? Stay tuned spacefans!

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