Far future Earth. Humanity is no longer isolated, having established relations with other sentient species across the stars. But humans remain divided among a group of Regional Coalitions that have replaced the old nation-states.Tensions between the Coalitions threaten an already tenuous peace maintained by Unified Earth, a representative body that has tried to speak with one human voice to the galaxy. Unified Earth asks the African Union, a major Regional Coalition power, to rescue a group of humans that have been kidnapped by marauders and taken to a distant, uncharted planet. The crew of the African Union Exploratory ship, Great Zimbabwe, have been tasked with that perilous assignment. But as Great Zimbabwe's captain, Jas Rahman, will discover, this rescue operation is more than it appears to be. Regional Coalition politics, intrigue, and ultimately, the fate of the African Union, will play a heavy role in the mission. For now, Captain Rahman's sole concern is the mission's success.

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