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Ghettostone Publications Company is a comic book productions company, (the hero factory) that features multi-racial Black and Brown superhoeres in science fiction in action adventure stories, told from the perspective of diverse cultural histories.  America is what I call "The Theory Of A UNIVERAL Race Nation" where representatives peoples from around the world live, work and play...!  In the science of gentics and quantum physics we know that all matter is made up of particle components, cells, DNA, and are influenced by environmental pressures which account for distinctive shades, hair texture, and diet...!  

As CREATORS of science fiction adventure, comic book creators today stand alone as the new metphyiscal instructors for this Age of Aquarius in the year 2020 and beyond. CREATORS such as myself study a great deal and in my particular cirrcumstance have disavowed the phony sciences that bend toward personal benefit and repulse any new thinking toward universal truth!  Such sciences come from European country where science was made to "bend the knee" to power stuctures and tryants who only wanted to see themsleves as god like, or aways in superior light, so they forged "fake" images of God to look like themselves, and created segreagtion to interbreed with small genetic pools and they called this system "Pure Blood".  It's remants are still visible in England's Royal Family, where inbreeding has taken place for generations.  You can see this again in America, where "Pure Blood" ideology is still common place in Southern states where marrying one cousin is still practiced and the belief in Racial Supremacy is more prevailent because of they old science of personal benfit, we can see the shrinking gene pool account for 25% of the underdeveloped mental heredity passed along generally.  Truely a sad statement in the year 2020!  My study in genetics and quantum physics has demonstrated the fact, "there is no such thing as race" and infact to be healthy a human being would need to exchange genetics with a wide variety of other humans to become a stronger representative of human, this is called "Mactiso" in the Native American Culture and Hispanic Culture...!  "To Streghten The Blood" (MASTICO)" This is the opposite of the European system of "white supremacy" "Pure Blood" science of disenfranchised and demenished gene pools as science discovered makes poor humans...!

Equally, "This New Metphisical Age" is a return to the spiritual existence of the unseen...!  The Vail has lifted between the living and the un-living...!  In this Age of Aquarius systems of faith have manifested in to the living realm, Biblical powers, Religous powers, Afterllife powers, Techniological powers, and those powers associated with "EVIL" will have influence on this Age...!  Like the story of "STARWARS" the Jedi- Knights could not see the "Dark Forces" arising amongsted their own, (Anikin Skywalker).  Like America today,  the story of STARWARS  is about an advanced civilization with difference in the expansion of "EVIL SYSTEMS", oppressed peoples, the usage of "PURE BLOOD" inter-breeding  to make lesser  humans, and  propgandazing message fo White Supremacy ideology over and over again ending with "colusion sickness" mass produced and distributed across the world!... American movies consistantly produce a varition of the same themes  "white supremacy", false patriotism and dehumanization of "the Other"! The religon of Hollywood is idealism is "self -benefit" and actors "bend the knee" like the forefathers Europe it's Pure Blood systems. Repeat: Holywood segregates, de-humanizes,depends on  evil supernatural powers in order to beefit a few false prophets who hide behind gated communites!  In metaphysical terms spiritualism is real and there is a dark-side of the force, and in this AGE Of AQUARIUS, many evil doers will get their chance to meet up in HELL, because in a spiriual realm places like Hell are real...!

But enough! of the qualifiers for the CREATIVE in a New Age of Aquarius! The door to Metphisics Exist!  Ghettostone Publications Company is unquely qulaified to examine, write and expound on these new systems as yet evolved...!  Ghettostone Publications Company can now tell the "TRUTH", that we are not alone in the Universe, that there is an active afterlife, that humans are genictically similar in every way and made of the same materials that float around in our Universe. And that America is and was "The First Universal Race Nation"! 


To all those Americans who rasie their hand, when someone asks who's white, your day of False Gods, Fake Science and dependence of Evil spirits must end with in yoursleves, or your fate like the dinosuar will be total...! Fact: There is a "Real God"!  The "Un-Moved -Mover";  The Original Starter! Time and Space has made his power available to humans on Earth through alingment with what is true!  He is the Gargantum. The Mondo Maxium! The Universality Colossus! The Inspiaration all of the Natural World, and it is impossible to fit into a man-sized attribute!!!  This is an indescribabled insult to the Most High..! 

Ghettostone Publications Company's study of Astrology, Astro-Pysics, Quantum Phyisics, Genetics, Extrterrestrial Life and the Existence Of The Afterlife have helped us tell our science fiction action adventure stories to the world over and we are seeing our conclusion realizied everyday in advancements in technology, phyic powers, UFO footage, miracles of healings and telepathic communications! Our goal is to brind the World together to face the future, not hold on to the past....!  We are not asking to be heard!  We are demonstrating the future...!  Our world is a glorious collection of stories meant to be shared so that greater understanding can take place among human-kind and better relationships can be created without mis-understanding that cause fear, hate and damage through warfare!  There is a better human inside each of us.  And no human is born- evil!  But Mankind is bent toward wickedness because of ignoarnce and the sciences of ignorance supported by a media of hate and institutionalized oppression trapped in a "Fake" belief in White Supremacy from the old European Pure Blood Philosphy that has stained America's first Two Hundred Years and threatens America's future...!

The views expressed are those of our Editor/Chief, and may not reflect the views of those of the CREATIVE emerging in American's Black and Brown Communities..

Peace Be With You... 2020


Michael R. Brown, Editor/Chief

Ghettostone Publications Company and @ghettostone/ facebook

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