Got Rope?

A little morning bondage.I've been collecting BDSM images to finish a new draft of my "Bitches Brew" script. Whenever I work on a story, a script, or a poem, I collect images that I put into my scrapbook. It's kinda like creating my own one sheet/movie poster/book cover. I then put together a sound track of music that reflects the soundscape/tone I'm trying to create in my work. As I write, the music and images transport me, and then I become the characters I write about.I tend to write about things that interest me, and I realize that as aggressive and assertive as I am, in the BDSM world, I would actually be a "bottom". And since I am naturally a voyeur (because I am a writer), I find myself torn between being a true "top" (rather than bottom). I don't think there is a half and half in the BDSM world. My best buddy Taj thinks I'm a closet dominatrix. Maybe.But I do have a growing rope fetish. Honestly, I just like the artistry of the rope work, and actually think I could get away with wearing rope over my clothes in public because I think it looks hot. The baddest chick in the game is Midori (in all her black latex glory), and she does the most beautiful rope-work I've ever seen. I was thinking of having photos done for myself. I've done tasteful professional nude photos before back in the day. But the wiser I've become, I've embraced all facets of my personality. Especially the darker, shadow side of myself. There's just something Sci-Fi'ish about the look of the rope to me.I'm not saying I want to be hog-tied and whipped, I just like the look of rope-work over my clothes, no different than my nose ring, or the belly piercing I had years ago before it was a fad for teens. Maybe I'll wear rope for the San Diego Comic Con. No one would notice me there.Okay, maybe I have said too much.

Sometimes ya gotta let your Freak Flag wave.....

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