Happy Anniversary - Black Science Fiction Society Turns 13! 

Thank you all for your support throughout the years. Each of you are sincerely appreciated. 


Thank You All!

I want to thank everyone for your support over the years. I set out 13 years ago to provide a place for Black Science Fiction that is not simply a group or magazine, but an interactive community where consumers, as well as developers of Black science fiction, can communicate, support, collaborate, and thrive together. It’s been a humbling experience to be a part of the world’s largest online community devoted to this genre. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage racial and ethnic diversity through various forms of media. Please join us as we move into another year of building lifelong friendships and creating even more creative books, magazines, radio shows, posters, coloring books, news, reviews, toys, and games with us at www.BlackScienceFictionSociety.com


Why Black Science Fiction Society?

If you haven't joined our free community, please do so today. You can post events, art, blog, videos, and more for free. Many of our members have gone on to win awards, create books, comics, movies, art, animations, toys, and other creative works. Join our community and network with others of like mind.


We Have Allot To Celebrate!

We have made great strides since the inception of our community

2008 Created Science Fiction Social Networking Community Site   

2009 Black Sci-Fi Posters Collection  

2010 Published Genesis Anthology of Science Fiction Book I  

2011 Published Genesis Science Fiction Magazine  

2012 Created Genesis Science Fiction Radio Show  

2013 Published Genesis Anthology of Science Fiction Book II  

2013 Began Digital Production Studio Project  

2014 Start Pre-productions of our 3D Sci-Fi Action Film Earth Squadron

2015 Formed Black Science Fiction Society as a 501C Nonprofit   

2016 Started Process for creating Toys & Games that represent our multi-ethnic world  

2016 Created the Heritage Coloring Book a coloring book for all ages 

2017 Produced new posters, cups, and puzzles 

2018 Partnered with Dragoncon to spearhead the Diversity Track  

2019 Become the facilitators of the African American Author Fair & Independent Creators Expo 

2020 Had our first two of our comic book characters appear in the Powerverse Cross Play Card Game



  1. Getting more activity on the site is a major goal for 2021. Please drop by and invite your friends.
  2. Publishing Genesis Magazine 12 with a new direction and energy!
  3. Getting Genesis Book 3 is being compiled and published by the summer
  4. Moving forward with the Earth Squadron 3D Animated Video
  5. Hosting our virtual event the African American Author Fair Fall 2021 or Spring 2022



We want to let you know that you can support our continued success in different ways such as:


Volunteer With Us

Volunteer to help out with site options and promotions. If you want to be a part of the solution we have many opportunities. Get in where you fit in, inbox the Admin or email if you are interested at: info@blacksciencefictionsociety.com


Buy Some Stuff

Buy from books, t-shirt, posters, magazine, etc. from our store:



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Please share your suggestions so we can continue the work we are doing on the Black Science Fiction Society and make it better. Together we can do great things As always, thank you all for your membership and your support. 


Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed.





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