Happy Father's Day: Praises for Pops!

     I call him Dad,.  He is medium height, strong, dark, agile, sensitive, a great song writer, and an even better father.  In this space, I can write of his wonder without having to trying to express it through the threat of tears.  They are inevitable.
     My dad is a songwriter and artist, I will share his music at a later time.  One of my dads favorite songs is by Kem:  You Just Might Win.  In the many years I have watched my dad, both consciously and unconsciously, I understand wholly why this is one of his favorite songs and likewise Kem is one of his favorite artists.  Life doesn't discriminate, "There is sorrow and sadness here but there is  Heaven and sunshine too..." sings Kem on This Place.  I have seen my dad endure both, full on.  He has taught me that very important lesson, to endure, to keep walking as fearlessly as possible.  This is a HARD lesson, one that is never exactly mastered and a task often required.  My dad has shown that the lesson can be learned and each time the task is required, I can endure.
     As for the winning, I have learned that one can never win if one does not try.  He always says never be afraid to do what you want in life, even the far-fetched, the ridiculous,  and the things that no one sees but you.  After all, you just might win.   So, to all who read this, rather Father's Day has passed or the sun and moon still hangs within the day, lift up a glass in toast to my dad, and yours, for our existence and whatever lesson you have learned because of him.   I also lift up a toast for my dads many dreams and efforts, he just might win....

                                                                                    Chasitie Sharron Goodman,  © 2013, All Rights Reserved
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