Intelligent Collectors encouraged!

The fact that most indie Black Age publishers produce limited editions or small press runs insures the collector will likely have a rare item to treasure. Future speculative investors, auctions and collectors, once its time has come, will pay dividends to acquire items from this extended important era in this industry. Seeing "Black" as investment value or prestige is growing beyond the realm of that which comes from the mainstream. Most will be left saying...."I had those Black Age books...I didn't ever think much of them. Damn!"

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  • Overcoming the legacy of being devalued by the mainstream limits the vision and practice in a lot of Black circles when it comes to harvesting real worth and earnings from the rare or unique products created or produced by indie Black owned operations. How often do we here Blacks saying or bragging how much they paid to out bid another for a rare or incredible item created by a Black? The money is out there so are the values.
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