Justice League Failure!

I cant even say i was surprised at this one. Went to go see the Justice League movie and came away with the result that it was a rush job. Sorry DC fans this one sucked, they had everything to create a great rivalry with Marvel and they blew it by rushing this to the theater too quick. Aquaman came out like he was nothing Cyborg man please dont get me started on Cyborg. Each of the charachters needed their own movies as intros to the team up but nooooooooooooo! Number one Steppenwolf aka cgi master, can knock out Aquaman in the water that easy????? Man please! Underwater he is can take out superman one on one. All that work into Jason and thats how they play him like he was second rate. Oh but superman just waltzes in and whooped up on Stepchild like he was a red headed step son easily???!! Pitiful?!! What kind of crap was that? Struggling at the box office, oh yeah because everyone is pissed off at what they saw!! I want that hour plus back in my life!!!!!!! 

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