Long Juju Man Sketches

FYI:My illustrated book, Long Juju Man, is scheduled for release February 6th, 2009. It is the winner of the Macmillan Writer’s Prize for Africa. For order information, click here.Here is the preliminary cover:

Long Juju Man was inspired by one of my favorite cartoons of the 80s, Beetlejuice (not the film). It was also highly influenced by research I did on the Long Juju shrine of Arochukwu. Long Juju Man is about a girl who is harassed and schooled by an annoying, snickering, rotten fruit eating, sneaky, prank playing ghost named Long Juju Man.The book will be fully illustrated by South African artist Marjorie van Heerden.Here are a few rough sketches (they will be in color in the final book):

Happy Holidays!Nnedi
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