He hadn't eaten a thing all day. Hadn't spoken with anyone since early that morning. Shared his nightmare vision.
The research laboratory had been cleared before the crucial final test. Expunged of spectators and colleagues alike. "I'll call you when the procedure is complete." he promised to one and all; ushering all humanoids past radiation-proof molybdenum /boron /titanium composite doors. Shielding ports securely locked.

Mathematical models and scaled tests indicated significant leakage of exogenous radiation far up the Gamma and Theta bands. It had been decided to limit risk. His design, his baby - his was the honor and the liability. Captain of the ship.

The robotic sensors would be there - of course. Silent sentinels - like the statues of Easter Island, waiting to greet the dawn. Waiting to greet the unknown with wonder and awe. Waiting to herald the terror!

They were the first casualties of the truth. Disabled by a single act. A circuit board, light impulse input conduit, urgently ripped from its housing. Silenced before proclaiming the advent. Perhaps, the greatest event in human history. Scuttled by a desperate captain -desperate for time to think. Time to check his facts carefully, review calculations. Consider the implications, ramifications.

A hoax! That could be it, easily explainable. But the small figure stared back at him with unblinking eyes; perched on smooth pedestal of unknown material. One which defied all analysis, except that it reeked of Plutonium 235, 237. Tri-coboltritium and even more esoteric isotopes. Complex mixtures of sub-atomic material unfathomable to his equipment. All with half-lives spanning from nanoseconds to hundreds of thousands of years.

The monochrome figurine which mocked him, indeed all the achievements of mankind was simple, almost elegant in simplicity. Epochal changes almost always were. The captain of this particular ship searched his mind in frenzied pandemonium. 'Should he destroy the lab?' 'Himself? In the process the evidence of this monstrosity?' All that he held dear had, in an instant, been swept away. Head buried in hands he was unsure of his next move.

Ironically, he thought of Charlton Heston in the last iconic scene from the original "Planet of the Apes". He remembered seeing it in the holographic imager at the Museum of Ancient Culture. The dialogue scrawled across his brain: "You did it!" "You really blew it all up!" "You damn stupid apes!"
He refused all entreaties for the remainder of the afternoon.

On the pedestal of the quantum flux generator the little image transported through the portal from the future continued to unblinkingly greet the world. The two foot high image of a cockroach standing tall, tool belt hanging proudly around its waist. Etchings across the base proclaimed a secret message.

The Keeper from Star Trek's: The Cage addressed the dreamer, "That was from a story you once heard in childhood. From deeper in the recesses of your mind there are other even more fantastic tales!"

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