On the Grind in '09 Part 1

So I've committed myself to working hard for my screenwriting organization, (The Organization of Black Screenwriters), and screening films for the Los Angeles Film Festival, but I have to make time for my own writing, especially my short stories.My goal this year is to take weekend trips out of town for my own personal writing retreats. I find that I am most inspired when I am in a new place, or sitting in church. (Not that my church is boring, but Rev Michael Beckwith of Agape International inspires me so much, I often find myself writing a story in my head while he is talking to the congregation.)So now I'm looking for sacred places to write. One of the best I found was on a camping trip I took to the Redwoods. My partner and I pitched our tent, ate, then went exploring. I wrote in my journal at the time that it was like walking in the presence of God. There is a vibration there among those ginormous trees. They are ancient beings, and we treated them as such. I wanted to run back and grab a boom box and play "Natural Mystic" for those Redwood trees. The energy there was palpable. There was an electrical current in the air, and I remember my scalp was tingling, and the air was misty. It took a little work to breath. Like breathing mystic chords of memory.Maybe that's where I will go next when it gets warm. Back to the Redwoods with my Ipod and speakers. I'll play Bob Marley's song, and sit there writing. I think I'll bring my digital recorder too, because I swear, if I left that thing over night on voice activated, I believe I would come back and hear voices on it. And then I would freak out, cuz the Redwood tress may start walking like in "Lord of the Rings".Sounds like a plan. Maybe they will tell me some stories and I'll write "The History of the World: A Redwood Tree Perspective."

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