Product Review Updates #4

Occasionally, I will alert fellow members to product updates by creators I have reviewed in the past year or so. 

Here's what I found this week since I had extra time because it RAINED TOO MUCH!!!

  • Chessmasters by Insane Comics is gone. Even their back issues on Comixology are gone too. I was waiting for #6 to come out before buying the whole set. It's a shame. I think the writing crew is still active though at their facebook group Second Sight Studios.
  • Resistance: Battle of Philadelphia has finally past production! Releases Sept 7! Look for it at their site here. I was going to review it myself but someone else beat me to it.
  • Lawrence Johnson Sr. has made more stories (and audiobooks!) in the Da'quan detective story that continued in Murder on the Eros Star. They are up at Amazon and Smashwords. You can read the latest here.
  • Apparently, Marcus Stokes, director of The Signal, has worked on an episode of The Flash airing this winter? I think that's what his site says. You can see for yourself (and his other projects) here.

That's all I got this month. If you see a creator I've reviewed doing new stuff, post a comment down below.

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