Product Review Updates #5

Occasionally, I will alert fellow members to product updates by creators I have reviewed in the past year or so.

  • Is'nana The Were-Spider has released Vol 2! It should be Vol 3 but who's keeping score? You can get it at Peepgamecomix here.
  • The Isabelle Brothers (of Messiah Wars) have a new movie out called The Last Disciples. Dunno if it's related to any of their other projects, but you can find out for free on their site.
  • Steve Bellinger (of Chronocar) has another book coming out this year. He better hurry because we're running out of 2018. It's called Edge of Perception. You can learn more about it here.
  • Alex Fernandez has released episode 6 of Body Jumpers Ressurection. I hope he brought back Bowlegged Lou. There are links on the group Facebook page. 

That's all I could find this month. Feel free to piggyback onto this post if a reviewed creator has posted an update in the past 5 months. Or if you're a creator I've reviewed, mention your newest work!

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