Product Review Updates #6

Occasionally, I will alert fellow members to product updates by creators I have reviewed in the past year or so. 

  • The conclusion of The Conscious Dreams Saga has finally arrived! You can buy The Sacrifice of Knowing (The Conscious Dreamer Series Book 3) at Amazon today! The first book is also free, BTW. I've been waiting for this for a while (the first book was my #2 favorite work in our club)
  • Some of the Kickstarters advertised in the Black Comics Creators group have made their budgets. Look out for Niobe by Sebastian Jones and Scorpio by John Robinson IV. If you're curious, swing by Kickstarter and drop those product names in the search bar.
  • Resistance: Battle of Philadelphia is online! Check it out at
  • One of the writers behind Black Magic Women, Kenesha Wiliams, has a new anthology out. If you like strong female protagonists, you can't go wrong with 400 pages of them. Check out Black Girl Magic Lit Mag: The Anthology: Year One Kindle Edition
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