Project Moonlight Kickstarter

Hey Moonies


We are excited to announce Project Moonlight, a brand new manga magazine featuring the dopest stories in the medium. Payback is the story of a superpowered mercenary group who find themselves outnumbered, outgunned, and outlawed as the government and other superpowered people aim for their heads. 


Haruka x akuraH is what happens when shonen and shojo have a supernatural high-powered baby full of love, loss, and discovering of one’s power. 


The magazine also features the return of Black Lotus Dragon a ninjafied tale of revenge in the old west and Outlaws a tale of family ties, personal duty, and mind-blowing superpowers.


Last but certainly not least we have Ken Bugul the story of the eponymous character who inherits an ancient curse sought after by the oppressive Zulu empire in which he lives. After crossing the threshold of the empire's borders he is on the run as he tries to make sense of what his new life means.

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