October is the month the 'Dark God' will descend upon the BSFS and bestow a great and terrible 'Gift' upon the multiverse!

From the minds of Fantasy & Sci-Fi Authors H. Wolfgang Porter (The Gray Man, Book of Dragon's Teeth, The Priestess & The PAnd0RA Ultimatum) and Ronald T. Jones (Warriors of the Four Worlds, Chronicles of the Liberator, Subject 82-84 & Task Force Arrow) begins the saga of a Dark and powerful god's unleashing a construct of unimaginable power into the unsuspecting mortal realm.

The Dark God's construct is the epitome of an ancient twisted imagination. His fell creation is fueled by the darkest desires of those who would possess it! Unlimited power, sexual attractiveness, even invincibility are among the many, many wonders which can be bestowed by the construct known only as, 'The Trynaught'. But with great gifts, there is always a greater catch! Renown and Ruin are the Trynaught's handmaidens and they come hand in hand with the 'Dark God's Gift!'

The DARK GOD'S GIFT will be featured here at the BSFS so members will see it first! Be honored for the Dark God does not take kindly to the ungrateful....

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