I, Brandon S. Pilcher, would like to announce that I have a new historical-fiction novella out now. It's a romantic, action-packed, and multicultural tale set in southern Africa in the year 1215 AD, during the Middle Ages.

The Slave Prince of Zimbabwe

Hailing from the land known as Ruthenia in eastern Europe, Drazhan Khazanov has found himself forced into bondage and brought all the way to the Sultanate of Kilwa on the southeastern coast of Africa. His master the Sultan has offered him a chance at manumission if he can abduct the fierce and beautiful Mambokadzi of Zimbabwe. But when she foils Drazhan's attempts to capture her and offers him an alternate path to the freedom he craves, they find themselves confronting the wrath of not only his former master but also the mightiest empire in the medieval world.
You can read a couple of excerpts from the novella on my official writing blog, or hear them read out loud on Youtube:
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