The time is now

Woke up to a brisk 31 degrees in Nashville today. I had forgotten what winter felt like for the last 5 years in Florida now is the wake up call. Wake up call is a good phrase to use in this case. Ask yourself what was your wake up call? How did it occur and better yet what have you done about it? I realized today that i have actually been a member of this site since 2012 and I still believe it was a great idea to join this site. I haven't really been on here and I can legitimately come up with more excuses than Martha Stewart has recipes on why i haven't  done anything yet but hey now that's out of the way i can get down to business again. I will be back to punishing this keyboard with work and post on here from now on. I have 7 books to write and number one needs to be finished by March 2018. Hey I have a question and feel free to answer or give your opinion i look forward to hearing them. See i have this plan and as of now it is going into motion what would it take to get you as an artist, animator, publisher, Writer and creator of worlds to actually work as one? Because i don't know about you but i am out to change the world and wreck certain people's nasty agendas and thoughts on who we are and what we should be portrayed as. I am done with the talk now its time to put in the work and show the world at large just how talented we are and most of all show them how to we are leaders as well. So here we go and strike up the band i am now declaring all out war on PROCRASTINATION ON THIS SITE and not doing what we dream of doing and have been dreaming of forever. We all have goals and dreams but the one thing we are missing is action. Me included oh no I am in no means excluded from this as a matter of fact I include myself on this so there it is. OK now.....Your Move! 

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