Truth in its rawest form

This is not a debate. Just truth in its rawest form.


The biggest mistake made in our current humanity is accepting this flawed world, then using similar tactics that contributed to the flawed state to try and fix it.  Example - striving to put yourself in a position of power to make changes. As soon as you join that way of thinking, and pursue it, you end up becoming the very thing you claim you are wanting to fix.  It’s unavoidable.
For instance, look at our world governments. Look at the super rich who throw millions at world issues. Now STOP!!! Take a deep breath and look at the world we live in. NOW!!! It’s a mess. And it’s not changing for the better. No matter how many notions and wishing for so-called “positivity vibes” you put out or reach for. 
This is why one cannot participate in this world although we have to live in it. 
One must separate themselves from the masses in the way one processes thought in order to see change. Then you can only apply that change to oneself.
We have one purpose in this 3rd dimension, on this planet (no I will not tell you what it is although it applies to every soul on the planet, because humanity is already corrupted to the core and all humanity does is debate it, when all you have to do is actually put it into exercise. Self realization is an individual journey) in these last days of the physical cycle.
Humanity has created - Ideas, jobs, entertainment, politics, illogical logic, “iszuims” debated opinions, etc. which we all embrace as we join the “adult” world and thousands of tactics are used as a distraction to keep humanity from pursuing that one purpose.
Although this is the entire world, thee western world suffers most from this flawed understanding of thought. Most of the western world cultures, if not all, have had these flawed values physically, mentally and psychologically beaten into us.
This is why today’s humanity is spending $$$$$ on pills, shrinks , motivational speaking classes, plastic surgery, etc.
Wake up humanity There is no quick fix to the psychological damage that our humanity suffers from.  The saddest part of it all is… we will continue to suffer, because humanity’s arrogance has us all “THINKING” we know how to fix the issues that plague us.  In our current state we do not know, but we “ THINK” we do. 
This is what Divine Destiny The Animated Series touches on. A time before this time. And how a civilization knew this and still blew it all up. 
What does that say about our current civilization?
One to grow on.
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