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I just joined the board of the Carl Brandon Society, so I'm excited about working with the organization that gave me so much in 2012.


Recently I was told that my short story "Throb" will be included in the new groundbreaking speculative fiction anthology "Longhidden". It comes out in 2014.


Also, my short story "Throwback" is in the new Genesis 2 Anthology. (Support!)


One of the things I really want to do with the BSFS family is to encourage the writers here to attend conferences and apply for writing workshops that I am just now discovering. Part of the reason why I love the Carl Brandon Society is their commitment to bringing forth new writers of color in Spec Fic.


One of the biggest complaints I hear from black writers is that traveling to conferences or applying to writing fellowships/workshops is expensive. Yeah, some are, but I'm going to call bullshit on using that as the crutch to not investing in the work. We all know college is expensive, and yet if people want a degree, you have to pay for it. And before people start throwing up "I have kids, a fulltime job, responsibilities..blah blahblah," STOP. If you are not willing to invest in your craft, move on. It's that simple.


Let me tell you, by saving up (a year in advance) and attending conferences like Wiscon  & Readercon last summer, I have made wonderful contacts and inroads with my writing career. I've met writers, editors, publishers and genre fans who have connected me to writing opportunities. I mean literally I have spoken to editors for magazines who have said "Send your stuff over." Simply because I was in the room with them talking in person. And check this: The Carl Brandon Society has a Con or Bust program to help cover the costs of PoC attending conferences. Check out the website:   via



So, I will do my best to be an advocate for BSFS members. I come from a tradition of each one teach one, and payback is reaching back. And access to information is a tremendous help. I had never heard of WisCon or Readercon or a butt load of cons until I went to Clarion, and Ted Chiang, one of my teachers told me to go. So I am telling you. Go. There are many Cons near any city where people live. I will be going to WisCon again next May, and I'm thinking of going to DetCon, a convention in Detroit next July. So I'm saving money now. Next November I am going to the World Fantasy Convention which will be in D.C., so if there are folks in and around the D.C. area, let's chop it up. Do it.


Holla atcha gurrlllll.....



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