Wattpad Journey

I have been on a site called Wattpad for almost a year now. I like that this website is for undiscovered writers.

I currently have four stories on here. One has a ghost in it, two have Mermaids and one also includes werewolves and witches.

 I feel a little odd writing about witches, as I have never seen any African American Wiccans or witches for that matter. I guess they are out there just like the rest of the supernaturals. I keep running into brief spells of writers block and then suddenly I get an idea.

I have been trying to learn how to finish my ideas instead of stopping and starting again. My main thing with Wattpad is that while I have about 17 followers, only two commented. I use the feedback I get to revise my stories, if I don't get anything then I end up unpublishing the story.

Aside from that I enjoy it. My daughter is a writer on there too.

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