As you may or not know, the actor Wesley Snipes was my partner for producing a limited animation adventure based on a character I created called Zulu Mech 1. Well it did not work out with him and now he is in jail. So I have moved on with a new artist, a new 3D animation crew and new partnerships.  

I have entered Zulu Mech 1 in a contest to promote an uplifting, world class superhero for children everywhere, especially Africa . Please go to the link below, check the great art by the mighty James Eugene, read my synopsis and vote for my character. There is really nothing else of this caliber being produced now, especially with a focus on African people, so please share the link with everyone you know. I don't need to win this contest for Zulu Mech 1 to move forward, but it would be a great help with publicity.


My deciding not to go forward with Wesley Snipes on this project was one of the best career moves I ever made.  World class people came out of the woodwork to get with me on Zulu Mech 1 after Snipes, including the Poitier(yes, as in Sidney Poitier) family and other multi-million dollar partners. I will be releasing some fully 3D Zulu Mech 1 art soon, and a trailer. As well as a pile of other mind bending African Legends adventure excitement. Speaking of which, I have a new African Legends character coming out in novel and multimedia form later this year. He is historical, and like Memnon, is a world class, world renowned figure. The character is a famous black man from the Bible, Old Testament. See if you can figure out who his is. Yes, there is movie production interest in this property too. But this time I won't deal with someone destined for prison.

To see the ill fated youtube video featuring Wesley Snipes and the art of the great Mshindo, go here:

Thanks for your time,
Gregory "Brother G" Walker

2011 winner of the "Stop The Brainwash" contest 

2009 winner of the Octavia Butler Humanitarian Award for "Shades Of Memnon"

2000 winner of the Best New Author of the Year for "Shades Of Memnon"

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