Ancients & Immortals Book by Cailloux Williams

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Get Embed Code Proudly Presents: Ancients & Immortals: Book Seven; Archangels In Exile. Ancients & Immortals, is the groundbreaking original story series that chronicles the ongoing war between good and evil, followed through the lives and adventures of the Ancients; mortal beings gifted(or cursed) with special abilities and a potentially infinite lifespan, and the Immortals; superhuman beings capable of existing on both the physical and spiritual planes, some created and designated to protect mankind, while others exist solely to torment and/or destroy it. Ancients & Immortals marks the first ongoing series in the fantasy/adventure genre which presents a cast of predominantly African characters as a regular feature of the books. Deities, angels, demons, superhumans, and mortals are approached from a new perspective, and exist within a unique 3-tier hierarchy that is built on an intriguing blend of culture, philosophy, folklore, universal themes, and imagination. The result is a fresh, dynamic storyline that appeals to all fans of the Fantasy-Adventure genre, and which is attracting a new market of casual readers to the genre. Book Seven; Archangels In Exile: Chike(chee-kay), is the most powerful and feared Archangel in existence, and has spent the last thousand years serving a penance for having committed a venial sin. After eight hundred years of roaming the African continent, wiping demons from the earth, and another two hundred years guarding the Netherworld portal, to prevent them from re-entering the earth realm, he is finally released from service. During his journey to his final resting place, Chike discovers that one of his predecessors, Hondo, the very first Archangel, now a most powerful and evil adversary, is planning to subjugate mankind and send the world into chaos. So, with his powers waning, Chike embarks on an ill-advised, dimension-crossing last mission to stop him. But to save mankind, Chike will have to face an army of the undead, countless demons, and rely on the formidable skills of Kinah, a gifted female warrior with a mysterious past. If he can survive the relentless assault on his mind, body, and soul…he will meet his greatest challenge, Hondo, in a final battle that will decide the fate of earth, and settle an age-old score between them.

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